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"As long as a man has a dream in his heart, he cannot lose the significance of living"....... Dr. Howard  Thurman

Why Us...?

 Pbf...Arts, Inc. was incorporated in 2014 at the vision of Mrs. Lou Ann Pickett- Stroman.  Several months  after moving to Georgia with her husband Kenneth and son Kevin in 2004. Her husband of 31 years prematurely lost his life to a long term illness.  Many of her friends, being concerned for her lost, asked if she would consider moving back to New York, she remarked "My life has purpose in Georgia"! She truly believes that the "mission" set forth in the Pbf...Arts, Inc. mission statement  is a divine and passionate call on her life.


 In today's world of rising cost, how can the arts community help families, from economically stressed and underserved communities, afford quality educational training in the performing arts?  Our communities are  full of young gifted and talented children whose gifts are underdeveloped.  These are our gifted unseen, generally, unnoticed children!

Pbf...Arts, Inc. created as a non-profit organization aims to provide a financial resource to assist with this cost, by focusing on identifying and providing quality music education and training in a diverse, nurturing and artistic learning environment for any child or youth, demonstrating a serious interest or gift in the musical arts. Our program serve children with a number of learning challenges such as; autism, dyslexia, ADHD and "at risk" youth.  We provide low cost affordable fees and scholarships based on fianacial need.

We work with gifted and talented young artists,  whose families are committed to serious study and training in the performing musical arts.  The Pbf...Arts Foundation Center's approach to training is from a classical foundation, but, strongly encourage the natural inclination of each child  to explore all idioms of the musical arts.    We are presently located in South Fulton County, 15 minutes from downtown Atlanta, GA (College Park). We offer after school and Saturday classes in voice, piano and violin.  However, once in our new facility, we will expand to include many different musical instruments, a children's orchestra, chorus and musical theatre.  Our instructors and teachers are industry professionals with performance and teaching experiences.  Our services will include home work assistance, counseling, rehearsals and practice room space.  The other key piece of our model is the summer music camp which focuses on theory, composition, ear training, note reading and technique.

We  will engage a community of industry professionals, organizations, corporate sponsors, patrons of the arts and residents interested in supporting our efforts in identifying and developing these talented future young artists. It is our long term goal to remain true to our financial commitment by further seeking program grants to support this worthy cause.  Will you please consider us a part of your annual charitable giving?