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Why Donate?

Donations fulfill the dream, give the experience, support the arts, and direct the future of young minds.

It is our belief that it takes a village, that one needs to donate to such a structured and concrete foundation for those eager to learn and begin their artistic growth.

The mission, goals and objectives of PBF...Arts, Inc. aligns solely to create individuals that can flourish in the arts. Your donations will give PBF...Arts, Inc. the opportunity to provide those children in South Fulton County with professional training, including children with autism and dyslexia.

(PBF...Arts, Inc. helps underprivileged children in Atlanta, GA, SW Atlanta, Fulton County, College Park, GA, East Point, GA, Tyrone, GA, Union City, GA, Fairburn, GA, Fayetteville, GA, Mableton, GA, Douglasville, GA, Douglas County, Cobb County, Georgia).

Please Support our Organization

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